White Rabbit!


Rabbittracks is a travel journal and review of exciting and great locations, cafe & coffee houses, stores, lodging and other interesting attractions the White Rabbit and her friends encounter in traveling the Coast of Oregon and beyond!

Above watercolor by Nakisha Elsje Elsje VanderHoeven ""The American Beatrix Potter" please visit nakisha.com and view all her wonderful creations!

Who is the White Rabbit?

I always struggle with profiles…the sum total of a life is comprised of many roles and interests. But if you were to know just a ‘little’ about me…I would tell you I am a wife, mother, grandmother…friend of the community & the environment. I believe in all of the above and count them the main backers of my success as a person and a business woman. I love to make soap, cook, work on puzzles over 1000 pieces…hike and garden, sew and knit. I love to hear stories…other people’s stories. It fascinates me to learn about others – experiences, interactions/reactions, travels…good and the not so.
I invite you to share in my adventures and in part come along with me! Please let me know what you are up to also!


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